GBOB is the world’s largest international live music competition for all kinds of music with up to 35 countries competing.
After 5 years, we are bringing GBOB back to Lebanon for 2016 (after doing it in 2007 and 2011).

Global Battle of the Bands Lebanon 2011 Final

‘Episode’ on stage in Lebanon’s 2011 GBOB Final

Participating bands get the chance to travel & represent Lebanon in the Worldwide Final against other countries – each year the World Final is held in a different country, some of the previous countries where finals were held are England, Russia, and Malaysia.

Jury at Global Battle of the Bands Lebanon 2011 Final

The crowd & jury of GBOB Lebanon 2001 Final


The winning bands from each qualifier (heat) and the final will get chance number prizes, those include:

  • fully paid trip to the World Final (what better than a vacation with your band and chance to play live representing your own country?)
  • free demo recordings
  • free album recordings
  • free video clip
  • management, booking, & distribution contracts
  • free practice sessions
  • free merchandise
  • free band gear
  • Global winner prizes include the title of “Best Band in the World”, and higher level tour booking & management contracts, studio recording, music video production, and endorsements.This, of course, comes along with a huge amount of exposure locally and internationally.

All participating bands will be pushed to their limits and coached in order to take them to a whole new level in one of the most unique and exciting band experiences ever. Once they reach the world finals, they will be taken into a whole new world of music seeing the unexpected and living the ultimate band experience.


All bands interested in GBOB 2016,
please register here.

The competition is divided into qualification rounds and a grand local final, after which the band moves on to the World Final.
The dates are still to be set, but qualifications are not expected to start before end 2015 or early 2016.

Participation Rules:

  • band must play only originals
  • bands must have 8 minutes of originals
  • no pre-recorded material is allowed
  • a registration fee, to be assigned – usually between 20$ and 30$ per member, is required from each band – this fee covers the winner band’s transportation costs to World Final
  • bands are grouped by style & experience, allowing all bands fair opportunity to win in their qualification round and reach the National Final

You can check out more details on

The previous GBOB Lebanon experience:

– Interview with The Passive Standouts (unfortunately disbanded), winners of GBOB Lebanon 2011.
– GBOB Lebanon 2011 Final review

Finalists of GBOB Lebanon 2011 including Anthony Touma’s band before his TV rise :


Blaakyum’s performance in GBOB 2007 in Camden Town, London, UK


Note: Rockring is the only officially licensed national director for Global Battle of the Bands – Lebanon.

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