What’s the Story:

Rasta Beirut aims at sharing the vibes of reggae music, with as much feelings and values that the word “reggae” might embrace!
It is with a heartfelt joint presence of the band members with the audience that Rasta Beirut thrives, whether on stage or in the studio! Rasta Beirut has the intention of reaching out to you and be the catalyst to getting you to the thrills of the reggae experience!
So chill back on a roots sound, jump around on a dancehall rhythm, coz’ it would be great having you join the PARTY!

Rasta Beirut is prominently inspired by the Reggae and Rastafarian Culture, of Peace, Love, Unity and Brotherhood of all Humankind and it will seek to spread this eternal universal message.

Jah Rastafari!!!


Momo – Vocals.
Nidal – Guitars and Back Vocal.
Nicholas – Bass Guitar.
Carlos – Keyboard, SFX
Marc – Drums/Percussion and Back Vocal.