What’s the Story?

Blood Ink was founded in 2002. The band released its first album in 2006 (Bleed the Ink). The album sold out at Virgin Megastores Lebanon and was in the Top 10 selling albums for several weeks.
The album was also distributed in USA through a distribution label.
In 2011, the band recorded a second album “Brain Infestation” but remains unreleased till today due to technical reasons, but there are plans to release it in the very near future!
A video clip for the song Skull Crusher was done in 2012, as well as teaser video for the album.
Blood Ink had set new standards in the local scene delivering heavy pump shows as well as record attendances (over 300 attendees for a single band event).
Blood Ink played several shows in different countries and has opened up for international superstar band HAIL!.
The band was no longer active as of 2012.

Element 26 was formed in 2006 and quickly became one of the most popular bands in the country through killer performance, shows, & music – this included opening for renown band Lake of Tears. Shortly after the band formation, they released an EP in 2008. The band had to split in 2011 as some members had to travel. The band had been inactive since.

Blood Ink and Element 26 were two bands who grew up in the music scene together and the members have always been close friends and interchangeably switched members & played together many gigs.
Naturally, the ideal decision for the 2 bands to merge and become one became reality in 2015.
Today, Blood Ink & Element 26 have become a new band combining the best talents of both. With an incredible level of experience, musicmanship, and power, this band will blast you beyond imagination.


Kamal Khoueiry – Lead Vocals
Roy Naufal – Bassist, Backing Vocals
Joe Abdel Sater – Guitarist
Jad Matta – Guitarist, Backing Vocals
Chris Michael – Drummer

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