Interview with Big Blue – Summer Fusion 2016

Big Blue is a Lebanese band that joined the Lebanese music scene in 2015

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How and when did you start in the Lebanese music scene?
Big Blue is a band formed during summer of 2015, when the original members of the band were looking for a vocalist. We and the current vocalist met on social media and met for a jam – being basically how it all started.

Who does your current lineup consist of?
Louis El-Hage – Keyboards / Vocals
Chris Saab – Guitars
Peter Saab – Drums
Rayan Maamary – Bass

What style do you perform? Do you perform cover songs or play originals?
Big Blue is a cover band that plays blues/rock oriented songs, trying to contribute in the growing Lebanese music scene. Writing originals isn’t our major preoccupation but we might one day.

What can we expect from you at Summer Fusion 2016?
We will rock y’all out on the Summer Fusion 2016 stage.

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