Interview with Ink26 – Summer Fusion 2016

Ink26 is a Lebanese metal band playing styles ranging from metalcore to thrashcore. They started back in 2002 and have since gathered a heavy following. Catch them at Summer Fusion 2016 for an awesome show!

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Check out their interview…

How and when did you start in the Lebanese music scene?
Originally, the band started back in 2003 as Blood Ink, and a couple of years later, Element 26 was formed. Around 2012, both bands became fairly inactive due to some members, and eventually the active members decided to join forces to become Ink26.

Who does your current lineup consist of?
Jad Matta – guitar/bg vocals
Joe Abdel Sater – guitar/bg vocals
Roy Naufal – bass/bg vocals
Kamal Khoueiry – vocals
Chris Mikael – drums

What style do you perform? Do you perform cover songs or play originals?
Our style is mostly a mix of thrash, metalcore, thrashcore, groovecore, heavy metal, with a hint of technical and melodic elements.
We play originals and covers to share some of our favorite music with the crowds!

Who are your influences?
Lamb of God, Gojira, Mudvayne, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Quo Vadis, Testament, Opeth, among others.

What is your purpose behind performing and making music?
Playing music is simply something we enjoy…sharing it with others makes it even better. We love going on stage and the energy on stage when you see all the crowd joining in on what you play, specially with originals!

What do you think of the Lebanese music scene?
Our music scene has seen a lot of ups and down, but it is a strong survivor.
There was a bit of low time in the past few years due to lack of events, but now it’s picking up much better again!

What can we expect from you at Summer Fusion 2016?
Lots of heavy stuff and new originals. We want to have a blast and make sure everyone will have a blast with us. Summer Fusion is one of the most epic concerts in Lebanon, and we’ll try our best to deliver.

What are your plans for the future?
We’re currently recording our new album and planning to play some concerts abroad.

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