Interview with OblivioN – Summer Fusion 2016

OblivioN was formed back in 2007 and has since then been working on originals and some impressive live gigs. Don’t miss out on their live performance at Summer Fusion 2016!

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How and when did you start in the Lebanese music scene?
We started in early 2007 with the founders Khaled Bin Ahmad and Salman Zein. Later on, Bahaa Zein joined the project, but the band still needed a vocalist, so we sent a request to Nigol Ozz after seeing him perform. After a few months, Nigol Ozz agreed to join the band, and by the end of the same year, the line up was final when Steve Scorps was added as the drummer, after having hard times finding the right member.

Who does your current lineup consist of?
After the lineup was final the members remain the same with
Nigol Ozz : Vocals
Khaled Bin Ahmad : Guitarist
Bahaa Zein : Guitarist
Salman Zein : Bass Guitar
Steve Scorps : Drummer

What style do you perform?
We play classic rock/metal.

Do you perform cover songs or originals?
We play both… We have our originals, and we do some covers to spice things up.

Who are your influences?
It’s a bit hard to say since every single member is influenced by several bands, but we may say that overall we are influenced by Black Sabbath, Scorpions, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Deep Purple etc…

What is your purpose behind performing and making music?
Mostly, for the fun of it… The passion and the excitement and the rush you get the moment the first tune begins to play. It feels like those several moments on stage or at the studio are like running away from everything outside and creating your own, small universe and giving the audience what they came for… making them have a good time and getting them to sing along and scream.

What do you think of the Lebanese Music Scene?
Like we said before a long time ago in several occasions and interviews, we have a lot of talent, but the scene is not helping for those talents to show and get what they deserve. Nowadays, things are bit easier than before with all this social media marketing etc. and things are a bit better than before, so we hope for the best. It’s a long subject to discuss since every genre has its own scene and circle, so we can not generalize.

What we expect from you at Summer Fusion 2016?
Same old rock n roll atmosphere like we always deliver. We have a very good selection of songs that suit this event. We will be loud and wild, and we hope the audience can promise us the same.

What are your plans for the future?
It has been a busy summer so far for the band so we are busy getting ready for our upcoming shows, but we might go back to studio as soon as we finish these summer plans, and start recording the songs that have been waiting for us, and hopefully things will go as planned.

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