Interview with Jack Haddad – Summer Fusion 2016

Jack Haddad is a talented Lebanese guitarist & singer who has been active in the scene since the year 2010. He will be giving us a taste of his talent alongside some other great musicians at Summer Fusion 2016!

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Check out his interview…

How and when did you start in the Lebanese music scene ?
I started professionally back in 2010, when I decided that I wanted to go back to doing music after a 3-year hiatus. But my career didn’t kick off until 2014 when I left my banking day job in favor of Rock n Roll!

Who does your current lineup consist of?
I play with a lot of different and talented musicians from around the world for business purposes, but the ones participating in my original project (which by the way, I love and have the utmost respect for musically and personally) are:
Elio Khoury on Drums (Roswell, Beiroots),
Rany Battikh on bass (Blaakyum, Bandage, and Najwa Karam),
Tony Ghanem on Keyboard (KZB, Ex-Anarchy)

I’m not sure about the Najwa Karam thing though…

What style do you perform? Do you perform cover songs or play originals?
Both actually. We perform classic and old school rock when it comes to cover music. We even sometimes cover new stuff that have a taste of the past; my ears like those crunchy deafening thick riffs \m/
As for original music, I mostly write songs influenced by a mix of Rock, old school Rock, and country, be it soft songs or hard songs, and up to this day my philosophy is “Keep the Vintage sound alive.”

Who are your influences?
Well based on the previous question, it’s pretty obvious that I’m influenced by all the great legends and artists from the Rock n Roll era (70s, 80s, 90s) I grew up listening to that. Then, around 2010, I started getting interested in American country music, and that was a revelation!
Even if you’d ask me to pick a bunch of artists, it would be impossible, all that era has had a role in shaping my sound and my songwriting.

What is your purpose behind performing and making music?
Chicks bro, chicks ! lol
Now, the real answer is this: Performing is in me; the stage is where the heart is. Ever since I was 6 or 7, I used to standup in class every morning and sing a parody or tell a joke (thank God I turned out to be a musician and not a standup comedian, poor people have to come up with new jokes all the time, and we as musicians can play the same songs for 30 years and no one complains about it!)
So I didn’t really choose to be a musician, it just happened, everything was leading me to it. Being very sociable, I was bound to share music with people, share good times, celebrate through music, perform for drunk crowds and love it! My purpose is to make people sing along, and see and make people happy
Bottom line nothing is beautiful unless it’s shared!

What do you think of the Lebanese music scene?
Well the scene has seen (pun intended) lots of different musical waves. Rock and metal emerged in the early nineties, then everything led to a big underground and indie scene today.
I think it’s growing rapidly, and we are facing changes, positive ones of course. People are getting more and more interested in new genres and in Live performances.
The older guys before us were the pioneers, and we should be really thankful, but I think our generation (with the help of festivals just like Summer Fusion) was and is the stepping stone; we laid the grounds for new talents to emerge and believe that non-arabic music has a chance in Lebanon!

What can we expect from you at Summer Fusion 2016 ?
Expect unreleased materials and originals to be played exclusively for the first time at Summer Fusion 2016. We will cover some big big Classic Rock/Rock Legends as well!

What are your plans for the future ?
1- More Chicks
2- Play foreign festivals, finishing the first solo album by 2017. We’re hitting the recording studios very soon, by the end of 2016 early 2017.
3- Which again leads to more chicks !

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