Interview with Iklil – Summer Fusion 2016

Iklil are an all-female, Lebanese band who experiment with genres and tend to go for anything that gets the crowd moving. They will be performing some of their best originals, as well as some awesome covers, at Summer Fusion 2016!

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Check out their interview…

How and when did you start in the Lebanese music scene?
Each one of us had our own mega share of engaging in music before Iklil started, and when we met, it was online. It happened when Joy was looking for female musicians for a project, and so people started referring us to each other member by member, and the bond was created in the practice room.

Who does your current lineup consist of?
Our current line up is Marru El Charif as the lead vocalist and synth, Joy Zahar on the guitar and back vocals, Lea Haddad on the bass and back vocals, and Melissa El-Hani on the drums.

What style do you perform? Do you perform cover songs or play originals?
The style we perform roams around the dance rock notion. We play many other experimental styles that we don’t know what to label as, so it’s quite interesting. We play originals, and we love playing our favorite covers by artists that inspire us. It’s fun!

Who are your influences?
Anyone that makes our feet tap.

What is your purpose behind performing and making music?
Our main purpose is passion. Passion is our drive and we find satisfaction in music, what more is there to say? To us, music is a form of expression and our own kind of meditation, if you want. We are pursuing our dream.

What do you think of the Lebanese music scene?
There is a lot of talent here in Lebanon, but some musicians lack professionalism. Some get famous easily because its a small country, and then they stop improving as much as they did at first. The music scene abroad has reached way before us, and the old talent there is the new talent here. Musicians should push above the ordinary. We should all think big.

What can we expect from you at Summer Fusion 2016?
We’re going to be playing a new hit that we have just finished, some old originals, and we might cover a superb song we have in mind (it’s a surprise). Looking forward!

What are your plans for the future?
Our plan for the future is to tour the middle east, and then hopefully tour the world.

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