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Our Past

RockRing has organized over 30 concerts in 9 years, from 2002 to 2011. We have been on hiatus for the last few years, but now we’re back, and stronger than ever. Some of our past events include Summer Fusion, Back to the Roots, Global Battle of the Bands, HAIL!, and Break the Cycle, among many others.
We founded RockRing Club which is a meeting and learning ground for musicians through activities and workshops. Our aim is to create a vivid music scene by creating an active and vibrant music community and allowing all bands to showcase themselves.

How we Formed

Musicians for musicians.

RockRing started from the need for proper channels which would allow all bands to have an equal chance to be heard and that which could be achieved through collective motivation and the creation of a healthy musical spirit.
We started because of the lack of musical opportunity around which drove us to create our own opportunities. This small plan turned into something big!

Our Future

Musicians are here to stay, and as long as there is talent, we will be helping out.
Our future plans include RockRing Club, a unique meeting ground for music fans , Global Battle of the Bands, the biggest international band competition, Break The Cycle, an event for new bands to showcase themselves, and Back to the Roots, a metal event, as well as many other plans. Feel free to contact us and suggest your own ideas for future events.

Upcoming Events to look forward to

"Summer Fusion - Enjoy the beach while your favorite bands play!"

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